Craft Test Dummies – A Must-Read For All Crafters & Mixed Media Artists

For the past month or so, I having been receiving some fantastically informative and potentially money saving online periodicals from Craft Test Dummies and wanted to share this little treasure trove of crafting information, product reviews, and related whatnot, with all my Lovlies out there!

Here’s what Jenny, the self-proclaimed “head Craft Test Dummy”, has to say about her site in this little snippet I pulled from her “About” section on the site itself:

“I craft, therefore I blog.” Crafting is cool, fun, challenging, and occasionally frustrating. Craft Test Dummies is my forum to test out new products, test techniques, report on up-and-coming craftsters/websites and apps, all while giving y’all the straight poop. It’s my goal to help you learn new things about your favorite craft, turn you on to new ones, and inspire your crafting while armed with as much knowledge as you need to be successful and have fun!


So go check out the site and possibly save some of your hard earned money, while inspiring your next creative project!

Hope you have a beautiful day!


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