Lexi’s Woodland Preserves

Introducing Lexi’s Woodland Preserves, the Faery Ring Edition!

“Down in the garden on a full moon night,
You may just catch a rare wonderful sight!

The faeries and elves will hold their ball!
Listen closely and you will hear their call.

In a circle they dance to and fro,
By morning’s light the mushrooms grow.

In the moonlight they laugh and sing,
And in the dawn they leave a Faery Ring!”

~ “Faery Rings” written April 21st, 2012 by Amanda Ramey ~

These Woodland Preserves are made from 2 kinds of decorative moss that I purchased from 2 different stores, which make up the forest floor. The little pinecones (actually the female part of an alder tree) and bits that look like shrubs, trees, the little bundle of twigs (already for the Faery bonfire!) and such are things that I actually picked up from my surrounding area and carefully dried. This is a non-living terrarium, so it will have no problem taking international trips! The mushrooms are individually handsculpted, with no molds and their custom color stems and white polka dots glow in the dark! The mushroom cap is referred to as “Peacock Blue” by Sculpey Premo and then embellished with “Peridot” Swarovski crystals – ooOoo! All of this is whimsically preserved in a 4 oz. upcycled baby food jar – formerly my daughter, Lexi’s for which they are named, as she inspired them and helps me pick things for them.

The tops are not glued on (although they are quite tight!), so not only is the proud owner able to peek in, but also so that, should any debris get knocked loose, they can open the jar and remove the debris with tweezers or a Q-Tip/cotton swab! Finally, each of Lexi’s Woodland Preserves are all titled, numbered, and signed by my hand on the bottom of the piece.

They also come with a copy of the little poem, featured above, that I wrote based off of the Faery Ring folklore.

For those who don’t know, Faery Rings/Fairy Rings themselves are not my original concept, nor are terrariums, but the manner in which I present the combination – in the baby food jar with the traditional decorative cloth used in making preserves – is (to the best if my knowledge) my original concept/design.