Pinterest – Pin Away, My Lovlies!

Let the pinning continue! Pinterest has finally changed their terms of service and removed the provision that enabled them to sell their members content! Yay! And yes, this also means that I will be removing the meta tag from my website,, that disabled the ability to pin my site’s content to Pinterest and will recommence my own pinning (another “yay” is most certainly in order ;))!

You can check out the official notice on Pinterest’s official blog HERE.

Not sure what started all the hooplah in the first place? Or just didn’t realize that there was anything out if sorts with pinning and Pinterest? Then just check out the two articles below, to get “in the know” ;)

Pinterest – 3 Reasons For Not Using It

The Perils Of Pinterest – A Lawyer’s Take On Pinterest’s Terms of Service

Happy pinning everyone!

The Off To Pin,


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