How To Live Well 360 By LKR

I just thought that this article, by Laura Roeder, was a really good reminder as to how important it is to truly take care of yourself. I most certainly am guilty of “not being able to find the time” to exercise. My “workouts” consist of house work, running errands (I do tend to park at the end of the parking lot, just to try and make the most of things), and chasing my 21-month-old around ;) It does certainly amount to something, but I do have to make some changes. Perhaps that will be my Resolution for 2013 ;)

Anyhoo, go check out the article! It’s a pretty quick read and who knows, maybe you too will feel inspired to make some positive changes in your life!

3 Powerful Tips For The Overworked Entrepreneur

What Sleep Pattern Works For You?

I just finished this rather interesting article about the “myth” that we, as human beings, require 8 consecutive hours of sleep. Relatively recent sleep studies and document references made throughout history, suggest that perhaps we were designed to have 2 sleeps, averaging 4 hours a piece, with the between awake time to be 1 to 2 hours. So, this of course makes me want to ask all my Lovlies out there,

“What are your opinions on the article? How long do you need to sleep to ready and able to tackle your day? Do you find that segmented sleep works best for you?”

Personally, since I had my daughter and started to take my business more seriously (I mean to say, running it more like a business, instead of a hobby), all I know is that I don’t feel that I sleep enough ;p But there is no mystery there; I keep ridiculous, inconsistent hours, but I’m working on fixing that – it’s not going very well, but I’m trying! ;)

When I spoke to my husband about about the article, it got us talking about other countries and their relationship with siestas and how these countries tend to be more productive and have a lower risk of heart disease, amongst other benefits. So after our relatively brief, but informative, stay on the matter, I decided to take a boo into the subject (meaning I hauled out my iPhone and Googled it), wondering what other countries have adopted this practice and if there were any North American companies that practice nap-time during the work day successfully. According to an article on there are and Nike is one of them. The article is just a one-pager, so please take out a few minutes, have a gander, and let me know what you think! Do you think siestas can work in our work-obsessed culture? I think it may be just what we all need and that we would be way better off for it, but I think we would also have to make sure that we reinforced our self-discipline, as many people tend to take “taking it easy” and whatnot too far, and become lazy/unproductive. Moderation. Moderation/balance is the key in nearly all matters. Such a simple concept and yet, at times, can seem nearly impossible to achieve.

Well, my brain’s getting all moushy now, so I suppose that should do it for now ;)

Take care, my Lovlies!