A Bit of Irony & Other Tidbits

In one of my most recent posts, “This Week’s Focus“, I touched on the fact that my iPhone is my primary mode of communication and the vehicle that usually drives my business whatnots around. Essentially, when people ask “Mac or PC?”, I say, “iPhone.”. So, I just wanted to further elaborate on all that and tell you all why this is actually quite ironic. Actually, a large portion of this, was a part of that entry, but I thought it was causing me to digress a little too much. ooOoo! Shocker, I know. Almost as shocking as me using a winky-face emoticon, or the playful, winky-tongue-poking-out variation that I’m about to use ;p Shouldn’t have brought that up. Now it’s all you’ll see and some people may now feel inclined to make a drinking game of it, bahaha. Aaanyhoos. So, I decided to toss it into this stand-alone post. See, further proof of my valiant efforts to get myself focused ;) *Reads up* Hmmm. Need to try a smidge harder, methinks.

So, without further adieu…

The bit of irony for the day is that, up until June of 2011, when my husband got me my iPhone (yep, he’s a little bit of awesome ;)), I just didn’t get what the big hooplah was about, although I was indeed super stoked when my parents gave me my first one, for my 17th birthday (it was a big deal to have cell phone at 17 in my day! That and also, though I wanted for nothing, my family didn’t have a lot of money while I was growing up, so I’m extra appreciative of the things I get). I just liked the prestige of having one and only really used it when I had to and by the time that it was no longer prestigious to own a cell phone, I still didn’t really get it and I don’t even think I made use of its internet capability until I started my business. My, my, my how far I’ve come since that day, 12 years ago…12 years ago?! *Splays out her fingers and begins counting and then stomps her foot* “Hey! Father Time! Come quick! I think you must have hit the fast-forward button and made me miss a few years!” Seriously, where does the time go?

Alright, enough musing myself into digression. I can’t afford to make another post ;p

Anyhoo, I couldn’t understand for the life of me, why everyone and their dog seemed to be glued to their phones! HA! Well, I sure showed me, didn’t I?

To further add to the irony, I actually feel that I owe making it through the earlier months of being a new parent (and my subsequent severe sleep deprivation) as well as I did to my iPhone and all its various alert features (seriously Apple, in the words of Jerry Maguire, “SHOW ME THE MONEYYY!”). It’s just too bad I didn’t have it while I was pregnant and going through “pregnancy brain“. Oh well, atleast I have it for my random bouts of “momnesia“, bahaha. Anyhoo, I don’t know how many times I would have missed an appointment or forgot to pick up something important, if it weren’t for all the alerts and various reminders that I set.

At one point, I felt so mentally cluttered, trying to remember everything in the world (it took me awhile to realize that I was no longer capable of this, which was crushing – I was so good at it) that I eventually set up alerts and reminders for nearly everything (house work, you name it), except for feeding my daughter, as she wasn’t exactly too shy about letting me know when she was hungry ;) It’s just too bad I didn’t do it sooner! Could have saved us a lot of crazy times indeed. Actually, to this day, I still have some of the reminders going off that I set. See, it’s only happened relatively recently that I feel like my “old brain” is working its way back to me, so it just seemed like good sense to keep the alerts that remind me that today is “Dusting Day”, or what have you. I even set up alerts for my business bits – “Parts Making Day”, “Scrape & Varnish Day”, etc. Though I must admit, I don’t really follow through with all of them yet, as I’m finding it a bit difficult to balance my attempts to efficiently run my business and care for my family, but it’s coming ;))

I really should elaborate on the “old brain” bit, since not many of you will know what I used to be like, so here we go…

I used to have somewhat of an uncanny memory and was quite skilled at making quick, seemingly well thought-out decisions, but now? Not so much…really not so much and I also find myself unable to complete tasks as quickly as I used to. Somedays, I feel like I’m running through mud or water, you know what I mean? I used to be in internal-shambles over the whole thing, but soon realized that that wasn’t going to get the lead out of my body, or get out the cotton batting that replaced part of my brain and I got over it…well, for the most part – hey, we all have our bad days ;) See, I’m quite resilient and a perpetual optimist, and fortunately, those are two things that never took a vacation from me ;)

So what happened to me? Well, one of things that sucked out a good portion of my brain, though I would do it all again and regret absolutely nothing (I suppose you might have to be a mom who’s done it to really understand), is the fact I breast-fed my daughter exclusively for nearly the entire first 6 months of her life and pumping didn’t usually get to work out for me (most of the time I opted to attempt to sleep ;)), so there was next to no “it’s your turn” and go back to sleep for me. I’d wake up at the sound of a mosquito farting back then, so it didn’t really matter anyway. I’m sure now you can get an idea as to why I put my sleep deprivation in terms of being “severe” ;) On a side note, I’m not actually sure if what I went through medically qualifies as being severe sleep deprivation (if it wasn’t, then I don’t want to know what is), I never really bothered to talk to my doctor about it. Not for any particular reason, except perhaps that I just thought it was part and parcel of (or is it “to”?) being, not just a new parent in general, but of one that decided to get into the dairy business and thusly, just didn’t bother bringing it up. But that’s all a tales for another day.

So what changed to start getting my head hamster back on his wheel, you may ask? 1. I just really started finding my life getting a whole lot easier, when I began letting my iPhone remember things for me and everyone else in my house ;) and 2. It’s probably a result of me trying to get to sleep before 3am more often than not ;p.

I know, I know, it may sound a bit sad to some, that I too have joined the ranks of the many, that heavily rely on a bit of technology (it did to me too, for awhile), but if it makes it any better, I have a rather extensive library of real books made of paper and actually read them *gives a cheesy grin*! Besides, one has to do, what one has to do to keep their brain/life together, especially when a Little One is involved and now that it facilitates my business needs, “Well, iPhone, looks like we’re stuck together, you and I.”

Well, in the words of Farmer Hoggett, “That’ll do pig.” ;)

The Wishing You All Sweet Dreams When You Get There,


This Week’s Focus


Alright, so in an effort keep me as focused and forward-moving as possible, both personally as well as professionally, I have decided that every Sunday or Monday (I know, I’m technically already behind, but whatevs, gotta start somewhere/someday ;)), I will make a post, entitled “This Week’s Focus”, stating where I plan to direct the majority of my efforts/creative energies for the week. Best of all, this will keep all my Lovlies out there in the loop, as to what’s going on with me/Wynsome Creations (why there may not be anything new in the shop, what is to come, and related whatnots). To sum it up, you will all finally get a better idea of what goes on behind-the-scenes of this Mompreneur ;)!

Now, before I get on with this week’s focus, I would like to mention (although some of you may have already gathered) that these posts will not necessarily be “all business”. They will, probably ,nearly always in fact, involve my personal life (like maybe I’m on a mission to declutter my house, which could take up a large portion of my limited work time, which is actually a mission that my husband and I have been on for the past week. I love clearing out crap and it is long over due and, as they say, “Tidy outsides, make tidy insides” and it will make more room and time to create ;)). My personal life a.k.a my family life (I don’t really have a personal life that does not involve my family – I’m just not in that place yet, nor will I ever stray far from that, as it should be, I’ll just make a little more room for “social calls” when I’m ready) is not only my greatest Muse and driving force behind most everything I do in this world, but it is also the primary explanation as to why I currently have such a low inventory (on and offline. I don’t go out and do much offline, but it’s enough that I prefer to have something in my reserves) and why anyone rarely gets to see any of the new creations that I am chomping at the bit to create (that’s the only part I’m not happy with and my only true source of frustration, as I am blessed with an amazing family ;)), or have created, but have yet to release (remember The Great Pengahli? I’ll explain what the hold up is with him in a later post). But hey, my family is worth it and more ;)

So what is it that I hope to accomplish with Mompreneurial Musings? Well, aside from all the practical reasons that I’ve already stated (keeping everyone up-to-date and all), I hope that with all of these creations and musings of mine, along with my story of how I started and am working hard to grow my business, while changing diapers, tending a woodstove (our primary heat source), taking care of a 4-year-old dog (who was my husband and I’s “first baby” ;p), a shift-working husband (he’s pretty self-sufficient, but he needs me, as much as I need him and sometimes more – who else knows where everything is? ;p), and all the other things that I do that make me a self-proclaimed “Mompreneur”, will inspire someone else enough to say, “Hey, if she can do it, I can do it!” After all, though most people consider me to be “gifted” in some areas, I hold only a high school diploma (which I achieved the “traditional way”, by staying in school and graduating), am a two-time college drop out (cosmetology and culinary arts, respectively, although I did receive a sanitation certificate, woo. ;p), “self-taught” in business, as well artistically (I’m sure we all crack open a book or two and/or conduct our own online research to learn a little “sumptin sumptin”), and a former procrastinator extraordinaire. I am, at my core, probably not that much different than you are.

Anyhoo, now that that’s been said, what is “This Week’s Focus”? Well, you’re in luck, I actually have a simple answer to a simple question *waits for gasps of shock and surprise to subside**smirks with a snort*. BLOGGING! And making sure my social media and website bits are up-to-date, but mostly I will just be concentrating on Mompreneurial Musings and flapping my tippy-tappy fingers (I can’t very well “flap my gums”, now can I? ;p) on about all the things that I’ve been wanting to tippy-tappy about. What’s “tippy-tappying”, you ask? Well, I’m glad you asked. “Tippy-tappying” is what I refer to when someone is on their cell phone, tippy-tappying away. As I primarily work from my iPhone 4 (plug, plug. Too bad their not paying me for it ;p) I “tippy-tap” most everything that you ever see from me in the online world, except for my website, as it is Flash based and therefore incompatible, which is a big friggen boo for me, but *shrugs* meh, I make it work. There. That can also answer the question as to how I make my Mompreneurial life work. My iPhone ;) Check out this post to see why this is actually quite ironic.

So why did I choose blogging as this week’s mission, over all of the many other things that I need to accomplish? I chose blogging because, over the past couple of days, I have truly realized that blogging is not just something that’s a great idea for a business like mine from a marketing perspective, but is actually quite vital to my work itself. I mean to say, blogging is the best way for you all to get to know me as, not just a business owner with a product to sell, but as a person in general; and let’s face it, there is a certain warm, squishy feeling, an added bonus of happiness, if you will, that typically comes over you when you have purchased something special and unique from someone that you know and/or trust. Since I can’t have a personal conversation with every one in the world, this is the next best thing that I can do in lieu of that. That all being said, sure, I could just slap my stuff on the net and wait for people to buy it, without saying much more than “buy my stuff – it’s great!”, but that would not only detract from the personality and warmth that I create within Guin and my other creations, but it defeats the whole purpose as to why I continue to create PenGuin Kisses and my other works and share them with the world (and also things just aren’t generally that simple, or we would all be successful business owners). I created this business to do my part in the world and bring as many smiles, to as many faces as possible and therefore help to make it a better place. How exactly is it that I plan to do this? By one PenGuin Kiss, one handcrafted ware/gift at a time ;) It may sound pretty ambitious, but that’s my goal. You see, happiness is contagious and this is my personal way of spreading it. Why is this all so important to me? Aside from the fact that I was born and raised to care and be considerate of those around me, I know that happy people are about 95% more likely to be kinder, more compassionate, and thusly, more willing to help those around them when they’re happy ;) I said 95% because some people are just too selfish or self-absorbed, to put in the small extra effort it takes to open a door for someone, no matter what mood they’re in. In short, I’m just “paying it forward” ;) After all, isn’t that what life is really about?

Well, I guess that’ll about do it for today! But before I go, I would like to say this: Stand up and by what you believe in, including yourself – Winston Churchill once said, “You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.” Be patient in all things – you will be amazed at what you can accomplish with patience. But above all, for the love of God, DON’T STAND IN YOUR OWN WAY!!! I did that for almost 29 years and it has unnecessarily lengthened the road I’m on and made my workload twice as heavy. But no worries, as Jennifer Hudson recently said, “I got this.” ;) Oh and don’t forget to be persistent, although in the words of Kenny Rogers, “You gotta know when to hold ’em. You gotta know when to fold ’em” and being a perpetual optimist isn’t impractical, as some “realists” may think – it helps you to follow your dreams and lessens the effects of a blow if things don’t go quite as you hoped ;)

Take care of yourself and may you have a gorgeous day, filled with random acts of kindness ;)

Wishing You All Well,


Craft Test Dummies – A Must-Read For All Crafters & Mixed Media Artists

For the past month or so, I having been receiving some fantastically informative and potentially money saving online periodicals from Craft Test Dummies and wanted to share this little treasure trove of crafting information, product reviews, and related whatnot, with all my Lovlies out there!

Here’s what Jenny, the self-proclaimed “head Craft Test Dummy”, has to say about her site in this little snippet I pulled from her “About” section on the site itself:

“I craft, therefore I blog.” Crafting is cool, fun, challenging, and occasionally frustrating. Craft Test Dummies is my forum to test out new products, test techniques, report on up-and-coming craftsters/websites and apps, all while giving y’all the straight poop. It’s my goal to help you learn new things about your favorite craft, turn you on to new ones, and inspire your crafting while armed with as much knowledge as you need to be successful and have fun!


So go check out the site and possibly save some of your hard earned money, while inspiring your next creative project!

Hope you have a beautiful day!


Pinterest – Pin Away, My Lovlies!

Let the pinning continue! Pinterest has finally changed their terms of service and removed the provision that enabled them to sell their members content! Yay! And yes, this also means that I will be removing the meta tag from my website, WynsomeCreations.com, that disabled the ability to pin my site’s content to Pinterest and will recommence my own pinning (another “yay” is most certainly in order ;))!

You can check out the official notice on Pinterest’s official blog HERE.

Not sure what started all the hooplah in the first place? Or just didn’t realize that there was anything out if sorts with pinning and Pinterest? Then just check out the two articles below, to get “in the know” ;)

Pinterest – 3 Reasons For Not Using It

The Perils Of Pinterest – A Lawyer’s Take On Pinterest’s Terms of Service

Happy pinning everyone!

The Off To Pin,


A New Creation Is In The Works!

Alrighty, so I just wanted to give everyone a head’s up, that I got inspired by my own quote that I posted on Twitter, and once I hammer/clay out some of the details, will be coming out with an entirely different series! These sculptures will be unlike anything I’ve ever done, or attempted to do, so it should be interesting ;) Keep checking back for updates!

Here’s the quote that inspired it:

Our world is a Magic Eye, with hidden images & secrets waiting to be found. Breathe, let your eyes unfocus, & step into the Secret Garden.

Have a Guintastic day!


How My Brain Works & Random Musings On Being An Artist

The following was actually something that was a part of the first draft of the last post that I made, “My Heart Song – Why I Do What I Do”, but in the spirit of trying to stay relatively focused (or atleast make it appear that I am ;)) and keep things a little bit easier for everyone to follow along (I do realize that not everyone thinks like I do), that I would toss it into a whole other post and work from there. So here we go.

I do not look up at the clouds and actively try to put my imagination to work to see a bunny or a Chinese dragon, they are just there. For me, anything that can be left open to interpretation, clouds, fabric patterns, the patterns made by leaves on trees, artwork itself, etc., my brain just naturally finds images, sometimes entire scenes, and most of the time they are so vivid that I cannot understand why most others cannot see what I see, and furthermore that they usually see nothing but clouds and leaves. If none of that made any sense, then try to think of it like this; have you ever looked at a Magic Eye picture? Well, the world is pretty much like a giant Magic Eye to me and most people just see some sort of odd pattern, others move the book about until they see the intended image, and I just pick it up and see the boat, or whatever straight away. This basically makes the world one big shiny object to distract me and once I take note of just one “hidden image”, my brain runs away from me and finds other images, begins to create stories, and about 10 more ideas for Guin, a new creation entirely, or that I really want to learn Spanish. It wasn’t even really until recently that I even realized any of this. I never really bothered to think about it. I just knew somewhere along the way that I was quite different from most of everyone around me. I never quite understood why others could focus and I couldn’t. This was one of the main reasons that I did not do terribly well in school.

This makes me remember a time in grade 10 history, when my teacher assigned us a paper, and whatever our topic choices were I can’t remember, but I chose mythology and folklore and how it could relate to everyday life/history. I, as usual, handed it in late (I was a terrible procrastinator – I always said “I work better under pressure” *rolls eyes* that’s only somewhat acceptable if you hand your assignments in on time), so I lost points there and then some more because I made a mistake and put it in the wrong format (it was supposed to be a mock newspaper article and thusly in two columns – I just wrote it in a standard format, oops), but still I couldn’t understand why I only received 30%. So, I moseyed on up to her and asked what the hell was up (I’m actually very polite and prefer to avoid confrontation, so obviously didn’t say it like that, though internally, I was outraged). She proceeded to tell me “I gave you that mark because you plagiarized it from an encyclopedia, or something of the sort.”…..I couldn’t believe it and tried to assure her that I did no such thing and made sure that whatever was “taken” from anything was put into my own words, but to no avail and she essentially called me a liar. Defeated and furious, I went back to my seat to mentally slap the crap out of her. Eventually I decided to take it all as the most insulting compliment that I had ever received (that she thought that my writing was intelligent enough to make such an accusation) and made my beyond livid parents promise to leave the matter alone, as I knew that I would not ever get the “Oh! You didn’t? Well, my sincerest apologies, Amanda! I just thought that since you were a D student, that that meant that you didn’t know how to string a proper sentence together! My bad.” I wanted.

*Steps back from Memory Lane and muses* It’s funny, you know. There are so many things that I haven’t thought about in years that just keep coming back, bit by bit. I think it’s largely due to the fact that since I had my daughter, actually a bit before she finally arrived, I found myself compulsively analyzing my reasoning/motivations for pretty everything that I have ever done, do, or plan to do, since she’ll probably not be unlike me and will ask a million and one questions. Better to have some answers now, than to scramble for them later, or say “I don’t know” when I don’t necessarily have to.

On a bit of a side note, I’ve actually always been known for being very analytical/introspective. I was always watching myself and those around me, trying to figure out what makes us all tick, as both individuals and collectively, as Humankind. Not surprisingly, psychology was actually a great interest of mine for a long time and I even considered becoming a therapist for quite sometime, until I was about 13 (I was rather precocious as a child) and befriended a rather troubled individual, who was a compulsive liar. I quickly realized that I didn’t have the stamina to potentially deal with that sort of thing on a daily basis. God bless and be with those who can – I don’t know how you do it, but am thankful that you do/can.

Well, I think that’s enough rambly-tangent bits for me (and you ;)) – I really should stop trying to blog when I’m over-tired ;p Off I go and have a beautiful day ;)

Wishing You Well,


My Current Heart Song & Why I Do What I Do

There is a song that I fell inlove with many years ago, before I ever referred to myself as an artist (which was something I never actually did until I created Guin and PenGuin Kisses when I was nearly 26 years old), as it beautifully and poetically described my relationship with music and deep love of guitar; it is called “Bleed” by Cold and features Aaron Lewis from Staind (I’ve always loved Aaron’s voice).

As much as I loved it, it has probably been a few years since I have listened to it, but out of nowhere, I thought of it a couple of weeks ago, immediately downloaded it from iTunes, and slapped it on repeat for awhile (I am listening to it now, actually). I realized that night that it has an even deeper meaning to me now, as I now relate to how I feel about my work. It explains not only why I create, but why I HAVE TO create. Crafting, sculpting, fiddling with bits, whatever one wants to call what I do, it is my love, my passion, the thing that makes my world feel a little steadier, whenever it feels as though the ground may give way. Art is not only how I naturally perceive the world and life around me, it is my coping mechanism. It is how I “bleed”. Please check out the video and/or download the song. You’ll find the lyrics posted directly underneath the video, so you can follow along ;)

On a side note, don’t ask me what’s up with the orchestra in ski masks, I’m wondering that myself. Whatevs, it’s a great song and I’m not here to judge, maybe it was cold that day. Anyhoo, back to it.

I’m feeling crossed
I take it inside
Burn up the pain
My thoughts are strange
Just like the things
I used to love
Just like the tree that fell
I heard it
If art is still inside
I feel it

I wanna bleed
Show the world all that I have inside
I wanna scream
Let the blood flow that keeps me alive

Take all these strings
They call my veins
Wrap them around
Every f****** thing

Presence of people
Not for me
Well I must remain in tune
My love is music for I will marry melody

I wanna bleed
Show the world all that I have inside
I wanna scream
Let the blood flow that keeps me alive

Won’t you let me take you
For a ride
You can stop the world
Try to change my mind
Won’t you let me show you
How it feels
You can stop the world
But you won’t change me

I need music
I need music
I need music to set me free
To let me bleed

I put in bold the parts that mean the most to me. The lyrics are a bit intense, but then again so are most of my emotions; which actually leads me to something that I’ve been tossing about for awhile now; I have a generalized theory that artists do not create out of choice, so much as they do out of necessity. Artists tend to feel things a bit differently than most others. We feel things so deeply that, just as a person needs to cry and scream ever now and again to maintain their sanity, we need to create something (not to imply that we create in place of crying, though I think sometimes that is the case). Our emotions are simply too large for us to express by “normal” means and this is why our work is so deeply personal. This is the difference between an Artist and Crafter. I am not saying that one is better than the other (at times I think the Crafter is more fortunate), just simply that there is a difference between the two. Crafters tend to do what they do because it is something to pass the time and it makes them happy. An Artist creates something because if they don’t, eventually they will probably have some sort of mental breakdown. We can’t really seem to function properly for very long without our work. I slowly began to clue into all these things after, a few years ago, I was at my husband about something and had been all around kind of crappy for a smidgen, and finally he said “Why don’t you just go and create something!” Well. That shut me up, more out of confusion than anything. So I asked, “What the hell is that supposed to mean?” and that is when he proceeded to tell me that if I let things go for too long and didn’t make anything, I would essentially turn into a craphole (he didn’t call me that, that was just my assessment of myself). I thought about that for a minute and realized that he was absolutely right. Some people need medication and whatnot, apparently I just need clay, a paint brush, or some pretty beads, I guess.

Oh, and since some of my Lovlies may be curious about the “deep love of guitar” comment, I have had a guitar in my possession since I was 10 years old. Now, don’t go thinking that this means that I must be giving Kirk Hammet a run for his money by now, or anything. Unfortunately, I never took my playing to where I thought I would, and since my love affair with clay began, I have barely touch it’s strings, which I once considered to be an extension of my soul. Although I do not really play, I still believe that a piece of me resides in the resonating hum and caress of the sound of those metallic strings. This is also what I love most about Bach and the Baroque period of Classical music. It seems to be the period of music that has the most emotionally-driven, some will say “somber” and “haunting”, melodies that tend to be mostly carried out by cellos and violins, and yes, I have a thing for pretty much all instruments within the Strings category – growing up I wanted a harp like nobodies business ;)

Classical music is actually my greatest Muse and seemingly the only thing that can get me to focus, especially when dealing with business matters, where focusing on the task at hand is crucial. Therefore it it what you will usually find me listening to when I am making Guin. Hell, I’m even listening to it right now – Schinder’s List Violin Solo by John Williams to be more precise (this is a fantastic example of the kind of Classical that I am so inlove with). I am also a Beethoven lover. Fur Elise was the main reason I got into piano. I never went far with my lessons, my teacher wouldn’t even let me play around with tempos (even while she was out of the room! Pfft.) ruined it for me, but I can still play the most well-known part of that song and poke at my keyboard once in a blue moon. I actually still want an upright piano. I always loved Beethoven, but never quite as much as I did after watching “Immortal Beloved”, starring Gary Oldman (one of his best roles, in my opinion). If you haven’t seen it, I certainly recommend it. Actually, it’s available on Netflix (in Canada, anyhoo – not sure if there’s a difference or not) right now, for anyone who has it (love me some Netflix ;)).

Well, time’s a tickin’ away from me, so I best toddle off for now. Sweet dreams when you get there ;)


My Newest Creation!

May I present to you…The Great Pengahli!





Pengahli is 2-1/8 inches tall, though that does not include his lovely feather, which I personally reshaped. On a side note, feathers do not like to hold still to be trimmed, so a little more work went into it than I anticipated! His turban has been authentically wrapped – I even studied this YouTube video to make sure I got it right, except I did have to omit the tucking of the end pieces. My work is generally on the cutesy side of the things, but I do put in a great deal of effort into bringing a “cartoonish realism” to my creations. Also, his headdress is finished with a single, deep sapphire crystal that has Swarovski elements.

Not only is Pengahli my newest creation, but he is also the first PenGuin, of any sort, created in 2012! Yep, I’ve been busying myself with family and the online side of the business so much, that I haven’t really had the time to create anything up until now. It felt so good to finally have created him :)

Well, I would love to chat it up some more, but I’m going to off and finally watch “Breaking Dawn: Part I” with my husband :) I’ve really been looking forward to seeing it – yes, I’m a Twilight fan (I read the books before the movies ever came to be), not a fanatic, just a normal sized fan ;) I found the books to be somewhat of a literary hug ;)

Well, off I go! Hope you all like Pengahli! Sweet dreams tonight and a good day tomorrow ;)


The Time Has Arrived…


…For a much needed update that is! Yep, I just wanted to pop in and let all my Lovlies know what I’ve been up to and to simultaneously answer the big questions of “Have you even made anything new since Pengula, in 2010?” and/or “Amanda, when are your new creations going to be released to the public?”. So before I go too far, I will just take a minute to answer those questions now. Yes, I have made a couple of new things since Pengula, but most certainly not as many as I would have liked, nor even remotely close to how many are still rattling about inside my head (I bought an Idea Log from Chapters – I’ll post a picture of it later – that I fill with my ideas/designs), that are threatening to stage a mutiny, if I don’t release them soon – they’ve been extraordinarily patient – some have been waiting since 2007, when I first began fiddling with clay, to be created. I know, I’m awful. As for the question of “when will they be released?”, the answer is – hopefully within the next month, or so. It’s hard for me to give a more definitive answer since my Little Miss’s sleep bits have been a bit wobbly lately – her sleep times being my main work time.

Anyhoo, I am currently working on something brand new (WOOT! Finally!), but unfortunately, I can’t give you any sneak-peeks, as I haven’t really had the time to finish the poor thing and I’m still working on how I want Guin’s expression to look. In the end, I may just launch the new edition with varied expressions, or perhaps I’ll put it to a vote and see which one everyone prefers and then release the winner! Who knows? We’ll just have to see – the clay always sorts itself out in the end ;)

Finally, before moving on to other bits, below are the photos of my newest creations, the Penglets, Rinn & Molly! The term “Penglets” actually came from my husband (he’s even the one who came up with “Penguin Kisses”! He’s fantastic with titles and whatnot ;)), who to make me smile one day, asked me if baby penguins were called “penglets”. Once he said it I knew immediately that that would be the name of my PenGuin Kisses line! Rinn was the first Penglet to be created and his name was derived from the client that inspired him, Marinda. Marinda had asked me if I ever tried to make Guin with a yellow, or orangey-yellow beak and feet, which while playing around, trying to come up with a suitable color, just in case she formally requested it, it somehow turned into Rinn. Yep, sometimes that’s all it takes and it wouldn’t have happened had she never asked me such a simple question, so I wanted to honor her by naming the Penglet, Rinn. I know, I know, Marinda’s a girl and Rinn turned out to be a boy, but that’s just how it goes sometimes. “Rinn” just didn’t work when I looked down at Molly, after creating her. Speaking of Molly, (who is actually the first female anything that I’ve ever created), there was no grand reasoning for deciding her name, other than I have simply always loved the name “Molly” and it always makes me think of something adorable – usually a little, cherub-faced girl, with ringlets up high in pigtails (not too many things cuter than that ;)). So there. I think that covers everything in the creation area. Oh, except I would like to mention, Guin will never be created with a different colored beak, or feet. The clay won’t let me ;p I tried, but it just didn’t work. Alright, so without further adieu, here’s the prototypes of Rinn & Molly (I was playing around with the beak colors, so pay no mind to that bit).



Just a quick note, now that you all have finally seen them (though I did actually post pictures of them on my Facebook Page, when I first created them, but this is the first time on Mompreneurial Musings, so this may be all old news to some), I just wanted to let you all know that in the future, I will be releasing birthstone editions! After that, depending on how well me and flowers work out, I will release another birthstone edition that will have the Penglets holding the birth month’s flower! This is just a tiny speck in the sea of ideas that I have for Rinn & Molly, so stay tuned! These days I think that I may have too many ideas to be created for one life-time ;p Bah! I almost forgot (wow, what a shocker *rolls eyes with a smirk*), Rinn & Molly are half the size of Guin, so they are just a little over an inch tall!

By the by, I did want to mention that no, Guin will never be available with any different colored beak, or feet. I tried, but it just doesn’t work – the clay and my hands just won’t let me ;p! By the by, if anyone is curious about his colorings, Guin’s beak, which is a custom color that I made, is based off of the Rockhopper Penguin (his beak is actually darker now than it once was) and his feet are actually just Fimo Soft #75, but, to me, was essentially the middle ground between the Emperor Penguin and the Gentoo Penguin, though leaning way more towards the Emperor Penguin spectrum. In short, I tend to either naturally, or purposefully (though usually naturally) find a slightly different way of doings things and my work is certainly no exception – especially color choices. I LOVE colors that don’t conventionally match. Here are some photos of the penguin species that I mentioned:





Well, I’m sorry to say, but this ran a lot longer than anticipated, so I think I will leave the rest of the update for later.

I hope you have a Guintastic night/day, my Lovlies ;)!

Wishing You Sweet Dreams Tonight & A Good Day Tomorrow,


PS ~ Please don’t bother to ask me why I feel the overwhelming compulsion to capitalize my sign off bits. It’s just a thing that I would immediately change, should I try to write it normally *shrugs* What can I say, I’m “special” ;)

PenGuin Kisses ~ A Journey Through Time

Click HERE to view a collection of my PenGuin Kisses work in the order of their creation. Please enjoy the show!

• Just a little side note, the music selection may seem a bit off to some, but I selected for the reason that, 8 times out of 10, this is what you will find me listening to while I am creating, for not only do I love classical music (big lover of Beethoven, Bach, & the baroque period in general) for all of its intricate, melodious beauty, but also for its lack of lyrics – it’s one of the few things in this world that can get me to focus ;p