About Me

  Within these virtual pages lies the story about a young woman and her adventures in art, business, and best of all, motherhood.

IMPORTANT: From time to time I will write about life issues, news articles, and things of that nature, so though I will NOT post explicit, or graphic content, some posts may contain mature subject matter and will not be appropriate for all ages – reader discretion is advised. In other words, this site is to be considered to have a PG rating ;)

•• Who is behind Wynsome Creations? ••

  Well, it’s pretty much just me – I am the sole proprietor and main artist. I am a 31-year-old self-taught artist, wife and stay-at-home “mompreneur” with a little girl, who’s so cute I have to wonder if I’m not just imagining her.

Having said that, I say “pretty much just me”, because though I am technically a “one woman show”, I most certainly could not do this on my own. The unofficial members of my company are as follows:

• My amazing parents, who have gained the title of “associates/free-lance suppliers”, will on occasion provide me with their own handcrafted wares.

My mom is primarily a knitter (and a lovely one at that ;)) and is also probably one of the most efficient home-makers you’ll ever meet amongst other things.
My dad has a weird and wonderful talent of being good at everything. I’ve never seen him try anything he didn’t magically seem to be good at. He’s one of those, “If he can’t fix it, then it’s definitely broken”.

I like to include all of them because I wouldn’t be doing any of this, if it weren’t for them going above and beyond to support me and nurture my creativity. So even if they never supplied me with any of their wares, I would still want to include them as apart of this.

• My daughter is my greatest muse and that from which I draw my greatest strength and courage. She’s not quite 2, but she’s my rock.

Almost finally, though he does not create any of the wares that you will see from my company, the love of my life and sounding board (and let’s not forget, main investor ;)), my wonderful husband. Not only did he help me come up with the name “PenGuin Kisses”, but he helps me to learn the names of all the gears and other mechanical bits that my brain designs for things:

Me: “You know, it’s the jiggamafoozle that does this thing!” *[insert various hand gestures here]*

Him: “You mean a gear worm.”

Me: “oOHhhh…thanks, Pooky.” ;)

Yep. He even does that. So technically you don’t see what he does, but he does quite a bit around here and I love him extra for it :)

• And finally, even less of this would be possible, were it not for the love and support of all my Lovlies, my customers, clients, and admirers. Thank you so much for everything!

Click HERE to find out more about me and my company!

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