Richard Branson’s Top 5 Business Tips & More!

Here are 3 quick-read posts created by Richard Branson that most certainly worth a few minutes of your time. If you don’t know Richard Branson is, or just know his name, you are missing out (I was missing out up until very recently – I was one of the many that just knew some general information, but am now starting to read up on him :)). Just for a quick refresher, or introduction (depending on your level of knowledge pertaining to him), he is the founder of the Virgin empire and has got to be the most inspirational CEO/non-conformist out there. So check out these posts and then find some more that you found inspiring and post the links in the comment section!

5 Top Tips To Starting A Successful Business

Take A Sledgehammer To Conformity

Why Aren’t More Business Leaders Online?

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