LKR Quote – “Doing You”

One of my core beliefs is when you run your own business you can, and should, shape it around what matters to you. You get to choose!

And I choose to create a business that is peaceful, enjoyable, and fun to run!…

…But while it’s important to me that my business is profitable, making as much money as possible at any cost is NOT my highest value. …

…Making your business align with your values is a HUGE component of Creating Fame. So whether you agree with this decision or not, I hope that it can serve to model for you the alignment between vision and actions. :)…

…The point is, do whatever aligns with YOU. This is YOUR business, and you get to shape it however you want. :

These quotes are excerpts that I took from her newsletter, referring to her “Creating Fame” program (she offers spectacular programs and A LOT of great FREE information and resources! Go and check her out!) and why she is not currently offering payment plans, which reading her reasons alone may just help you with your own personal debate on whether or not to offer such a thing, or affirm the decision you’ve already made.

Anyhoo, I just really felt inspired and like these statements really resonated with me and wanted to share them with you all ;)

Have a Guintastic day!

Wishing You Well,


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