This Week’s Focus – April 2nd – 8th, 2012

Alright my Lovlies, the focus for this week will be *drumroll*…my Etsy shop! Now, for anyone who wants to pick on me for this being late, technically, I’m not late, I’m early! I’ve already been doing this since Saturday-ish (which resulted in me selling my first Guinny Cottontail of the season – Yay! :)), I just forgot to tell everyone! Bahaha ;p I’ll do better next week, I promise! ;)

Yep, I’ve done such a good job, slugging through all of my other administration (though of course there’s way more, it’s just getting more manageable now *snorts with a smirk*) and personal bits (remember how I said that I was decluttering my house? Well, it’s pretty much all done! WOOT!), that I will be now rewarding myself with finally taking and editing  some photos of released/unreleased work and creating some greatly over-due listings (I’ll explaing what the hold up’s been in one of my next posts)! So, please keep stopping by the shop and check things out!

Well, I’ve got more to prattle on about, however, it is way beyond my bedtime, so off I go!

Hoping Your Having Sweet Dreams Already,


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