Are You An e-Hoarder?

I am! Big time.

I have recently mentioned that I have been on a mission to declutter my house (and subsequently my mind) but that’s not all! Oh no, my Lovlies, I am also on a mission to declutter my INBOX! After all, I do live online part-time ;) I am absolutely TERRIBLE for hoarding emails and newsletters. It’s shameful, really – I know because my husband told me so *smirks*. I can’t help it! Some information is just too good to let go of!

So, in the spirit of turfing out the old, to make way for the new, I’ve decided to start posting all the things that I find of interest (like “Craft Test Dummies“, or “DIY Natural“) and in turn, may interest you! My other motivation for doing this is that, not only will I have an uncluttered inbox, without having to lose the information, but this is also a really great way for me to share some of my online go-to places that I use for self-teaching and/or inspiration!

There is nothing better than when one action fulfills many purposes ;)

By the by, I must fess up and admit, this is not actually the first time that I’ve done this. I did it once before on the Wynsome Creations message board, which is actually the sole reason why I don’t just up and delete the dusty site – there’s just too much great information on there (not to mention all of the time I put into it)! On a side note, this all took place before I had my professional website and this both lovely and handy blog of mine. It felt more than great to finally free my up my inbox back then, but unfortunately I forgot to keep doing it *rolls eyes*. Well, no more *slams down fist, with a triumphant and equally determined boom, upon her imaginary I’m-gonna-do-it-for-reals table”*! That’s right! I’m sticking to it this time!

That all said, why don’t you all come along for the ride and do the same? You can start by unsubscribing from all the things that are bogging down your inbox, that just aren’t that relevant to you anymore, or make a blog and share the information with others! Respond to all those “I’ll get to it later” emails (also a good way to reconnect with old acquaintances and maybe even make some new ones along the way!) and declutter anything else that might be standing in the way of you achieving your goals! You’ll thank yourself later for the time you’ve spent finally “getting around to it” :)

Well, I hope you all enjoy and reap the potential benefits of my former “e-hoarding”! And please don’t forget to share it with others by using the social media links!

Did any of my e-clutter interest you, or inspire a new project? Then share it with the entire class! Tell us all about it by leaving a comment on the piece of clutter that inspired you!

Wishing You All Happy Decluttering,


• PS ~ Check out this newsletter from Laura Roeder (a social media marketing expert and founder of LKR) that first inspired me to declutter my life and stop being an e-hoarder!

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