A Bit of Irony & Other Tidbits

In one of my most recent posts, “This Week’s Focus“, I touched on the fact that my iPhone is my primary mode of communication and the vehicle that usually drives my business whatnots around. Essentially, when people ask “Mac or PC?”, I say, “iPhone.”. So, I just wanted to further elaborate on all that and tell you all why this is actually quite ironic. Actually, a large portion of this, was a part of that entry, but I thought it was causing me to digress a little too much. ooOoo! Shocker, I know. Almost as shocking as me using a winky-face emoticon, or the playful, winky-tongue-poking-out variation that I’m about to use ;p Shouldn’t have brought that up. Now it’s all you’ll see and some people may now feel inclined to make a drinking game of it, bahaha. Aaanyhoos. So, I decided to toss it into this stand-alone post. See, further proof of my valiant efforts to get myself focused ;) *Reads up* Hmmm. Need to try a smidge harder, methinks.

So, without further adieu…

The bit of irony for the day is that, up until June of 2011, when my husband got me my iPhone (yep, he’s a little bit of awesome ;)), I just didn’t get what the big hooplah was about, although I was indeed super stoked when my parents gave me my first one, for my 17th birthday (it was a big deal to have cell phone at 17 in my day! That and also, though I wanted for nothing, my family didn’t have a lot of money while I was growing up, so I’m extra appreciative of the things I get). I just liked the prestige of having one and only really used it when I had to and by the time that it was no longer prestigious to own a cell phone, I still didn’t really get it and I don’t even think I made use of its internet capability until I started my business. My, my, my how far I’ve come since that day, 12 years ago…12 years ago?! *Splays out her fingers and begins counting and then stomps her foot* “Hey! Father Time! Come quick! I think you must have hit the fast-forward button and made me miss a few years!” Seriously, where does the time go?

Alright, enough musing myself into digression. I can’t afford to make another post ;p

Anyhoo, I couldn’t understand for the life of me, why everyone and their dog seemed to be glued to their phones! HA! Well, I sure showed me, didn’t I?

To further add to the irony, I actually feel that I owe making it through the earlier months of being a new parent (and my subsequent severe sleep deprivation) as well as I did to my iPhone and all its various alert features (seriously Apple, in the words of Jerry Maguire, “SHOW ME THE MONEYYY!”). It’s just too bad I didn’t have it while I was pregnant and going through “pregnancy brain“. Oh well, atleast I have it for my random bouts of “momnesia“, bahaha. Anyhoo, I don’t know how many times I would have missed an appointment or forgot to pick up something important, if it weren’t for all the alerts and various reminders that I set.

At one point, I felt so mentally cluttered, trying to remember everything in the world (it took me awhile to realize that I was no longer capable of this, which was crushing – I was so good at it) that I eventually set up alerts and reminders for nearly everything (house work, you name it), except for feeding my daughter, as she wasn’t exactly too shy about letting me know when she was hungry ;) It’s just too bad I didn’t do it sooner! Could have saved us a lot of crazy times indeed. Actually, to this day, I still have some of the reminders going off that I set. See, it’s only happened relatively recently that I feel like my “old brain” is working its way back to me, so it just seemed like good sense to keep the alerts that remind me that today is “Dusting Day”, or what have you. I even set up alerts for my business bits – “Parts Making Day”, “Scrape & Varnish Day”, etc. Though I must admit, I don’t really follow through with all of them yet, as I’m finding it a bit difficult to balance my attempts to efficiently run my business and care for my family, but it’s coming ;))

I really should elaborate on the “old brain” bit, since not many of you will know what I used to be like, so here we go…

I used to have somewhat of an uncanny memory and was quite skilled at making quick, seemingly well thought-out decisions, but now? Not so much…really not so much and I also find myself unable to complete tasks as quickly as I used to. Somedays, I feel like I’m running through mud or water, you know what I mean? I used to be in internal-shambles over the whole thing, but soon realized that that wasn’t going to get the lead out of my body, or get out the cotton batting that replaced part of my brain and I got over it…well, for the most part – hey, we all have our bad days ;) See, I’m quite resilient and a perpetual optimist, and fortunately, those are two things that never took a vacation from me ;)

So what happened to me? Well, one of things that sucked out a good portion of my brain, though I would do it all again and regret absolutely nothing (I suppose you might have to be a mom who’s done it to really understand), is the fact I breast-fed my daughter exclusively for nearly the entire first 6 months of her life and pumping didn’t usually get to work out for me (most of the time I opted to attempt to sleep ;)), so there was next to no “it’s your turn” and go back to sleep for me. I’d wake up at the sound of a mosquito farting back then, so it didn’t really matter anyway. I’m sure now you can get an idea as to why I put my sleep deprivation in terms of being “severe” ;) On a side note, I’m not actually sure if what I went through medically qualifies as being severe sleep deprivation (if it wasn’t, then I don’t want to know what is), I never really bothered to talk to my doctor about it. Not for any particular reason, except perhaps that I just thought it was part and parcel of (or is it “to”?) being, not just a new parent in general, but of one that decided to get into the dairy business and thusly, just didn’t bother bringing it up. But that’s all a tales for another day.

So what changed to start getting my head hamster back on his wheel, you may ask? 1. I just really started finding my life getting a whole lot easier, when I began letting my iPhone remember things for me and everyone else in my house ;) and 2. It’s probably a result of me trying to get to sleep before 3am more often than not ;p.

I know, I know, it may sound a bit sad to some, that I too have joined the ranks of the many, that heavily rely on a bit of technology (it did to me too, for awhile), but if it makes it any better, I have a rather extensive library of real books made of paper and actually read them *gives a cheesy grin*! Besides, one has to do, what one has to do to keep their brain/life together, especially when a Little One is involved and now that it facilitates my business needs, “Well, iPhone, looks like we’re stuck together, you and I.”

Well, in the words of Farmer Hoggett, “That’ll do pig.” ;)

The Wishing You All Sweet Dreams When You Get There,


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