My Newest Creation!

May I present to you…The Great Pengahli!





Pengahli is 2-1/8 inches tall, though that does not include his lovely feather, which I personally reshaped. On a side note, feathers do not like to hold still to be trimmed, so a little more work went into it than I anticipated! His turban has been authentically wrapped – I even studied this YouTube video to make sure I got it right, except I did have to omit the tucking of the end pieces. My work is generally on the cutesy side of the things, but I do put in a great deal of effort into bringing a “cartoonish realism” to my creations. Also, his headdress is finished with a single, deep sapphire crystal that has Swarovski elements.

Not only is Pengahli my newest creation, but he is also the first PenGuin, of any sort, created in 2012! Yep, I’ve been busying myself with family and the online side of the business so much, that I haven’t really had the time to create anything up until now. It felt so good to finally have created him :)

Well, I would love to chat it up some more, but I’m going to off and finally watch “Breaking Dawn: Part I” with my husband :) I’ve really been looking forward to seeing it – yes, I’m a Twilight fan (I read the books before the movies ever came to be), not a fanatic, just a normal sized fan ;) I found the books to be somewhat of a literary hug ;)

Well, off I go! Hope you all like Pengahli! Sweet dreams tonight and a good day tomorrow ;)


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