Catching Up: More Business Updates

On the January 17th, after having a rather lovely assistant at Nugget’s (she my nearly 5-year-old shih tzu) vet take an interest in my website –, for those that don’t already know ;) – I decided to make an order page just for local pick-ups, as currently, I do not have the capabilities to go beyond a “one size fits all” shipping and handling rate, which is something grump-worthy to me, but atleast I found a way around it. It involves me refunding the clients’ shipping and handling fees, upon receipt of payment, but it works. I am hoping to one day have a ‘local pick-up’ button, which enables free shipping, added to the checkout, as I have at my shop on iCraft.

Anyhoo, so off I went to carry out my plans of copying and pasting the text from each listing on the Order Catalogue page, into the new listings, on the Local Pick-Up catalogue, and re-uploading the corresponding pictures of Guin. Sounds simple, right? Well, it was…right up until I went to save the Peng-o-Lantern Guin listing and the system went kablooy, deciding that this was the appropriate time to throw a technological tantrum, and told me to go away and come back later when it was done sulking. Okay, that wasn’t quite how it went down, but close enough – I got a “An error has occurred. Please try again later.” So, being the patient person that I usually am, I did just that. Okay, I didn’t go away, I just kept redoing it straight away, with what, over the course of over an hour, eventually grew to be an almost maniacal fervor. I even tried it a million and one different ways, including sweet-talking, and smoothing over incidents of curses with “I’m sorry” and “please”. I nearly thought the system had put itself to rights, when a thing or two actually broke through, but really I had just reached the violent stage of the tantrum. You know, when you see children having a meltdown in public, they turn to jello in their parents arms, desperately trying to slump onto the floor, and the parent then proceeds with negotiations, and it seems like the child just might have accepted the terms. Then the parent, nearly feeling their chest and stomach unclench from frustration and embrassment, goes to pick up their snuffling offspring, and BLAMO! The little hands and arms become Whirl-Gigs of Death, ready to slap the crap out of anything that comes into their path! You know? That part. So, I then did what most rational, logical adults would do – I slapped the top of the computer desk, while simultaneously emitting a guttural growling-grunt, shook my fists like I was ready to take on a speed-bag, and then I stomped away to go upstairs. Yep, that’s pretty much my standard reaction when  my daughter isn’t around and I meet up with my good old friends, Frustration and Futility ;p

After about a week of that, on the 26th, I finally decided to call Tech Support and talk about the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) aspects of my site and the on-going issues I was having with product listings. I know what you’re probably saying, “Why didn’t you call sooner?” Well, it may not be a fantabulous response, but it is what it is – I got side-tracked. Me getting side-tracked is incomprehensibly easy with a small child, a dog who thinks its a small child, a wood stove, shift-working husband in the military, and all the other blahdyblah, <fill in responsibility here>. But mostly, I blame it on the way that my over-actively creative brain works. More on my brain bits later, but there you have it. After working with the SEO guy, who somehow I managed to get off track and started talking about Cape Cod and how I used to live there, and that I’ll take the Superbowl, over the Stanley Cup Play-Offs any day (I know, shame on the bad, non-stereotypical Canadian ;p), and then Tech Support, I only got one thing accomplished – the next step in the SEO process. The solution that Tech Support emailed me, once I had the chance to implement it, did not work. However, there is a happy ending to this tale, I called back yesterday and got the whole thing straightened out. The system is back to its chipper self. The problem was resolved just by having my traffic bits deleted. So yay! We’re now in fine shape and ready to get back to listing ;)

Well, since I don’t think I could have possibly found a more lengthy way to say “Had some technical problems and after awhile they got fixed”, I should probably toddle off for now, as my Little Miss will be ending her nappy-time any minute now and there’s always something else to do ;)

Wishing You A Wonderful Day,


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