Part I: A Business Update – Finally!

Well, the technical issues that I am having with the site are on-going *grumples*; however, I would like to mention that currently, the only thing that these issues are effecting is my ability to make new and/or changes to my product listings. On the grim brightside I do not currently have anything new to list, however, this is the reason why the Local Pick-Up order catalogue does not yet perfectly mirror the regular catalogue – we’ll get there *smirks and rolls eyes with a sigh*

On another note, today I have started “phase I” of 4 Guinny Cottontails! Phase I is where I complete the body, including the face, and then “fire” Guin in the oven. Phase II is when I put the bunny suit on Guin and attach his basket of Easter eggs, and then pop him in the oven again. Yep, there you have it; one of my trade secrets! Guinny Cottontail, amongst a few others undergo more than one firing. This is also something that makes some a little more expensive than others, although the work may appear to be about the same – electricity costs money too and certainly adds up when create things as much and as often as I do…or atleast try to ;p Actually, Gasping Guin and Celebratory Guin are the only Guins that do not go into the oven more than once, which is why their cost is lower.

So there’s some more little tidbits about my work for you ;) Stay tuned for another update!

Brightest Blessings,


PS ~ I will be posting a more elaborate, thorough update on my work very soon, as I know that it appears that I haven’t been doing much of anything lately; but au contraire, mes chéres! It has all mostly been head work (ideas, brainstorming ways to work out kinks in concepts, and blahdyblah), but my invisible work and progress has been keeping me very busy and will make you all very excited, I’m sure, once I get to clay them all out ;) So keep popping by the website for some sneak previews! Greek gods anyone? There. That’s all I’m going to say! And that’s just one of the many, many things that I’ve been working on ;)

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