A Musing & Declaration of Suckiness ~ Actually Written September 3rd, 2011

I have realized that I have done a very poor job of setting this business into motion. I went ahead throwing it together, thinking that a product that people loved – Penguin Kisses – a handful of other ideas, a blurred vision of what I wanted, and a miniscule amount of know-how would be enough, and I’d just polish up the rest as I went along. Well…not so much. It has worked to relatively satisfactory degree, but it could have been so much more by now. But alas, that’s the thing about Hindsight; we can so easily think, as we look to the past with eyes full of a measure of strength, determination, and focus that we did not then have, that we should have done or been more. That we should have done or said this, or that. But that is the great bit about Life – we live and learn and hopefully put Hindsight to good use and not sit about and pout over the Shoulda-Coulda-Wouldas and do our best to do now, what we would have done then. Hindsight should not be considered a depressant, but the mortar we use while building a brighter Tomorrow.

Well, I certainly went off on a tangent, now didn’t I? Anyhoo, back to it now…hmmm…it seems that since I stepped away from this for so long, now I’m having trouble getting back on my Train of Thought. You see, duty called and then unexpected company came so now the Tomorrow that was lying in wait when I began writing this, has become Today.

Well, in any case, what I was driving around to was that becoming a mother was the greatest and best thing to ever happen to me. It is turning me into the person that I always wanted to be. Though I used to consider myself a pretty laid back person, the total rebuild and following refocusing that my perception under went has been turning me into a much more relaxed person. I find it so much easier to let things go and most of the time that’s because I never really tried to hold onto them in the first place.

That leads me to my theory on the sleep deprivation that most parents under go once their children are born; I think that it is a chance to allow ourselves to be nearly completely rewritten. To have some of our less desirable attributes seemingly erased, or atleast brought to the surface in such a way that we can smooth away their rough edges with a greater ease. It is a time we can be transformed into the people that we should be – the people we were meant to be – for our children, ourselves, and ultimately the world.

Well, I could obviously go on, but I think my brain has gotten too mooshy for such things, so I’ll be toddling off for now;)


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